Extra Virgo

Monte Kush

Monte Kush is an ode to the Castle of Montecucchi, the Florentine residence of the Prince of Limbin. A magical and timeless place where royalty, bohemians, artists and intellectuals have been coming together celebrating life through the connection with Nature and all her fruits.

Monte Kush is a sophisticated yet ancestral bouquet with a narcotic nature: balsamic, herbaceous and sensual notes of Rosemary and Cannabis (both grown on the farm and extracted through an innovative technique to keep all the terpenes alive), embraced by Turkish and Damascus rose absolute of the finest provenance, elevated by Omani Royal green Ojari frankincense and rare vintage Cambodian oud.

"….Inspired by the sensual and ancestral power of Montecucchi, the farm where I was born. A magical Tuscan villa suspended in time, a crossroad for artists and bohemians. Hidden from the world, surrounded by ancient olive groves and enchanted gardens filled with herbs, fragrant roses and rosemary. Sublime, humble and sophisticated.
During summer, at dusk, we burn pure incense resin which flows through the breezy rooms and gardens like a slow music, caressing everything it touches, creating a narcotic and aphrodisiac peacefulness. An invitation to love."

All the XV perfumes are produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients sourced through extensive research and extreme care. All our perfumes are composed of high-grade natural ingredients ( 70 - 80% ). The juice is aged for at least 3 months before being blended with Natural alcohol with a concentration of around 25 to 30%. After letting the blend cure for a month, we bottle our potions by hand into Italian crystal bottles sealed with our signature black Carrara marble cap inlayed with the gilded Extra Virgo Monogram.

Notes: Cannabis Flower, Rosemary, Rose, Green Ojari Frankincense, Vintage Cambodi Oud

Perfumer: Alex Postiglione


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