#ScentMe® Online


Searching for your favourite scents is getting easier with our #ScentMe. Provide us with some info about yourself and let our staff hand-pick the best scents for you:

1. Choose #ScentMe and click "Add to cart" button 

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Add order note". In this section please let us know some info about yourself that you wish to share:

*What are some of the fragrances that you've been enjoying and wearing

*Are there any particular notes that you like or dislike.

*Are there any notes that you're curious to explore

*Are there any brands in our range that you’re curious to explore

*Your personality, your style (please provide as many details as you can, as this really assists us to choose the best possible fragrances from our wide selection)

*Are you looking for a fragrance for a particular occasion; wedding, work, everyday, etc.

3. Once we received your order, we'll hand pick the best 10 x 1ML spray samples that we think you'll love! What's more?! We'll include another 2 additional samples for you to try; these are fragrances that fall just outside the brief, yet we believe you may enjoy or be surprised by!

#ScentMe customers will receive 12 x 1ML samples valued at $180 or over. 

Please note:

This is a final sale and non-refundable. If you already know which brands you’d like to test, please head to our ‘Samples’ section and choose your options from there. 

#ScentMe Pack is mainly for customers completely new to niche. If you are already a current niche lover and are searching for new scents, you are welcome to use #ScentMe but can only exclude max 2 brands (eg. in the note, you can say something like "please no Zoologist or/and Imaginary Authors", then we won't include any samples from these 2 brands).

Your order may take 2-3 business days to process as we select your samples.

Customers can also make a booking for a #ScentMe In-Store

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