LKNU is the leading distributor and retailer of niche, indie, and artisan perfumes in Australia and New Zealand.

Since its inception in 2015, LKNU has carefully curated an exceptional collection of artisanal fragrances, making these often hard-to-find perfumes available to the discerning consumer.

With an eclectic and diverse range, we welcome customers new to niche perfumery, right through to those seeking artistic or avant-garde expressions. Talent and creativity is infinite, and LKNU strives to be a playground shining a spotlight on the rising stars of perfumery from around the world while continuing to honour the established brands.

We are proud to offer the best possible experience that is intent upon the consultative and the educational. Education has always been our forte, and this feature is perfectly paired with a luxurious abundance of time and consideration. LKNU stands for considered and slow perfumery - forever towards the best possible appreciation of scent, and for the love of perfume without compromise.

Perfumes invite us to play and to imagine, and we are serious about play contained in a space that is unhurried and dedicated to thoughtful consumerism.