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Animal Cafe

Coffee, the bush that conquered the World. Animal Cafe is an ode to this indomitable plant and its magic beans. Our aphrodisiac potion was created blending three types of rare coffee absolutes from signature arabica and robusta strains: Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia. These precious notes are blended with a superb family of spices including South East Asian Clove and Sri Lankan Cinnamon, and embraced by sensual Papua New Guinea Oud and ethically sourced Civet paste.

Animal Cafe is deep, dark, spicy with a pleasant animal note. Hypnotic yet revitalizing and arousing

The coffee beans need proper aging and roasting in order to extract the right aromas and our search for the best producers was not easy. The extraction of coffee absolute is particularly delicate and true, natural, coffee absolutes are extremely rare. In Animal Cafe there is nearly 30% coffee absolutes.

"…. There are many legends surrounding the discovery of coffee. What we know is that It magically appeared in the 15th Century through Arabian Traders who revered its invigorating and aphrodisiac properties. From a precious nutritional resource through trade routes in the unforgiving deserts, it quickly became a delight to be shared and spread to the four corners of the world creating unique flavour profiles."

All the XV perfumes are produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients sourced through extensive research and extreme care. All our perfumes are composed of high-grade natural ingredients ( 70 - 80% ). The juice is aged for at least 3 months before being blended with Natural alcohol with a concentration of around 25 to 30%. After letting the blend cure for a month, we bottle our potions by hand into Italian crystal bottles sealed with our signature black Carrara marble cap inlayed with the gilded Extra Virgo Monogram.

Animal Cafe was a finalist in the Independent category for the Art & Olfaction Awards 2023.

Notes: Roasted Coffee absolute (Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia), Cloves, Cinnamon, Vintage Papua New Guinea Oud, Vintage Civet paste

Perfumer: Alex Postiglione


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