Orto Parisi



Viride personifies a very strong green character. Alessandro was inspired to create this
fragrance after visiting Yemen and encountering a tradition where the men wear floral crowns made out of different aromatic herbs and flowers. These colorful floral garlands are worn in a bid to look and smell good in the intense heat. As well as making the men look and smell nicer, some of the garlands have a medicinal purpose and are used to cure headaches. This floral crown is a symbol of health, beauty and seduction. Despite their love of flowers, these tribes are notoriously violent and engage in cross-border battles. Some tribes are so dangerous that the police refuses to enter some of the villages.

Viride embodies the stirring of the power and strength of the tradition, the dark side, the garden of knowledge that we cultivate and experience every day, where the plants grow spontaneously by developing strong and authentic roots. Meaning green in Latin, Viride is a very Mediterranean aromatic perfume. It contains a high dosage of old fashioned green notes, such as rosemary, sage and thyme, the plants that create an image of a freshly collected herbaceous crop that suits and represents the virility of both, men and women.

The cap is tumbled gold with guaiacum that comes from Ecuador, a special type of timber used on the sailing boats. Due to its density, strength and oiliness the wood is suitable to be used in wet and humid environments, giving the timber a greenish color.


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