UNUM Discovery Set


Filippo Sorcinelli is a man of many impressive talents: perfumer, artist, trained organist, and designer of liturgical vestments.

The story begins with LAVS (Laboratorio Atelier Vesti Sacre) where Sorcinelli’s work with sacred vestments led to the creation of a fragrance for the Vatican’s robes. This led to the birth of UNUM, Filippo’s first brand, which debuted with this scent, simply titled LAVS.

UNUM, meaning ‘one’, are fragrances of art and impulse, that very impulse that becomes oxygen to fuel the creative flame for every discipline Sorcinelli tries. He wishes to describe the uniqueness of his journey, suffered and intense, true and spiritual, shared with honest truth.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of UNUM fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

But Not Today - 1ML
Ennui Noir - 1ML
Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino Il Volto - 1ML
Lascia Ch’io Pianga - 1ML
Lavs - 1ML
Opus 1144 - 1ML
Quando Rapita In Estasi - 1ML
Reliqvia - 1ML
Rosa Nigra - 1ML
Scusami - 1ML
Symphonie-Passion - 1ML


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