Francesca Bianchi

Under My Skin



Soft | Sensual | Human

Under My Skin is an enigmatic, complex fragrance that unfolds over a long time. A sensual blend of balsams, iris butter and soft leather. 

Francesca Bianchi intended to create a fragrance that smells of human skin - subtly animalic, warm and soft. It opens with a cool lavender and some spicy notes, but the dense heart and base notes are there throughout. The heart is built around iris butter and a soft leather accord. Slowly, some pieces will unravel and fade, and after many hours, the soft, sticky balsams and sandalwood steal the limelight. Tolu and Peru balsams have probably not been used this well in a fragrance since Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium in 1977.

The wearer will get subtle wafts of this fragrance over the duration of its three-stage evolution on skin. Only one or two sprays is needed to get the full effect. Any more that that over-complicates its dense beauty. The fragrance lasts a very long time on skin, softly projecting its warm, human-like charms. 

Aromatic Top:
Lavender, Grapefruit, Black Pepper

Warm, Soft Heart:
Suede Leather, Iris Butter, Tonka Bean, Carnation

Balsamic, Woody Base:
Sandalwood, Balsams, Vanilla, Castoreum

Perfumer: Francesca Bianchi


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