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Iris | Bright | Serene

A ballad to the devoted hand, soiled, aged yet resiliently tending to rhizome.

Trimerous is an ode to the iris - one of perfumery’s most prized and noble materials. Iris is a multifaceted material, and Jorum Studio’s perfumer Euan McCall has focused at three facets of orris root - ‘effervescent, buttery and exalting’.  

If the primary note is of a rhizome, can it still be considered a soliflore? Regardless of the answer, Trimerous is an Iris/Orris fragrance, and that’s what really matters. There’s a nice vibrancy at the top, provided by nectarine, pink pepper and bergamot. Trimerous also perfectly portrays the rooty and papery facets of iris, with notes like suede, incense and angelica all painting their own shades. In short though, this is all about iris, and the list of notes don’t really matter!

Vibrant Top:
Nectarine, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Thyme

Buttery, Papery Heart:
Angelica, Suede, Orris Butter, Styrax, Carrot Seed

Rooty, Woody Base:
Vanilla, Oud, Ambergris, Incense

Pairs with: Carduus & Fantosmia


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