Svensk Discovery Set


Svensk Parfym is niche perfumery - inspired by Sweden, made in Sweden. Svensk Parfym stands for unique creations, premium ingredients, hand-blended fragrances in perfect concentrations. Always gender-free. Svensk Parfym is a celebration and interpretation of Sweden by scent, just as it is and as it once was. Its nature, landscapes, cultures, people, cities, villages, history, present and future, all inspire and contribute to this unique craftsmanship - perfumery, standing as good as it gets, with one leg in science, the other in artistry.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Svensk fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

En - 1ML
Fröjd - 1ML
Idyll - 1ML
Ljus - 1ML
Prakt - 1ML
Sadel - 1ML
Skymning - 1ML
Stilla - 1ML
Virke - 1ML


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