Orto Parisi


From Latin, meaning 'feces or dung'. This fragrance is smooth and leathery, animalic and dirty; but in a good way. Everyone is surprised when they are drawn into this scent. It is almost the scent of a world hundreds of years ago, it is the smell of being in nature - sweat, animals, dung, leather, hay, tobacco, woods. Those smells that seem repulsive yet are animalic and draw us in. The things that we would be smelling if it wasn't covered up by other smells in our modern age. There is something strangely familiar.

This scent does something to people, it magnetises them, like when you don't want to look but at the same time you can't look away. That is how this scent smells, love it or hate it, you need to keep going back to it.

Top Notes: Undisclosed
Heart NotesUndisclosed 
Base Notes: Undisclosed

Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri


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