Secret Potion No.3

Marine | Woody | Amber

Our third secret potion draws inspiration from Bullfrog's authentic ties to the world of motorsport, especially the history of the Wall of Death. It evokes the blowing wind and the sandy roadbed crashing against the motorbike wheel. A man riding his motorbike, the start of a journey, the hot crackling engine and the road – the one travelled and the one yet to be travelled.

A bold, showy and daring fragrance, a reflection of freedom and travel. Secret Potion No. 3 aims to reinvent a man's passion for his motorbike through smell. The whiff of air on your face at the start, the crackle of the hot engine after a long journey and the sandy dirt roadbed are the most recognisable elements recalled by the perfume, despite the formula remaining a secret.

Secret Potion No.3 seeks to transcribe a man's passion for his motorbike into a fragrance. The rush of wind on his face as he sets off, the roar of the hot engine after a long journey and the sandy ground on a dirt road are the most recognizable recollections of the fragrance, even though its formula remains a secret.

The opening is crisp and bold with Sicilian bergamot and fresh marine notes to reproduce the sense of speed and acceleration at the start. The heart of the fragrance is adrenal, pervasive and plant-based with damask rose, amber and sage, just like the roar of the engines during an adventure. The warmth of the engine and the miles covered on the journey emerge in the strong, spicy base notes of cloves and precious woods.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Marine Notes
Heart Notes: Rose, Amber, Sage
Base Notes: Clove, Woody Notes


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