Parle Moi

Saffron Wood

London on December 19th, Big Ben rings 9 o’clock.

The hustle and bustle of the horns has subsided. A rainy mist colours the grey cobblestones of the streets of Soho and I soak up this damp and surprisingly calm atmosphere. The frenzy of the day has given way to crowded restaurants with the smells of spices merging with those of fashionable tailors.

The power of the Saffron and the verticality of the Cedarwood combine with the Rose and her timeless elegance. I’m carried away by this astonishing mixture and I am writing in my thoughts this accord of three raw materials behind which a silhouette is taking shape: Saffron Wood will be a leather, sophisticated and metallic, London in its most enigmatic colours.

Top Notes: Saffron
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Cedar

Perfumer: Michel Almairac


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