Jorum Studio

Pony Boy


Under the gaze of the pink-flushed moon, a legend oft misunderstood stands betwixt light and shadow. Beetroot-stained hands beckon, tempting with otherworldly charm while brackish water and blooming pink lotus conceal an equine silhouette. An elopement saturated with fresh, earthy sweetness, intoxicating and inescapable...

The kelpie haunts a lochside sauna, hissing out a steamed-wood and pink-edged sour lotus haze.

Place reference: Loch an Dùin, Uist

Top Notes:
Rhubarb, Coriander Seed, Fig, Pink Grapefruit,  Pink Pepper

Heart Notes
Champaca, Beetroot, Pink Lotus

Base Notes

Vetiver, Ambrette, Cedar, Raspberry Leaf, Calamus


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