Naomi Goodsir

Nuit de Bakelite



Green | Unique | Avant-Garde

For lovers of green and of tuberose alike, Nuit de Bakelite makes magic of the nocturnal flower, imagining its long trumpet-like petals made of vinyl and bakelite. A clash between the natural and the artificial, a symphony of green petals and stems form an abstracted picture of the flower - fractured, abstracted, and built again with parts extending beyond the flower itself.

Resultantly, many often competing aspects are maintained all at once: inky leathery moss, bitter artemisia and galbanum, herbal angelica, all present distinct shades of green, contrasted with the saturated hue of ylang-ylang, the bouncy solar warmth of styrax, and the intensely fresh earthiness of carrot seed.

The complete work operates in the register of the imaginary, affirming a creative flight where tuberose metamorphoses into a hundred different forms - often more imagined than real. The brilliance of Nuit de Bakelite is simply this: it maintains all of these forms, tangling all of these imaginary flowers together.

Notes: Tuberose, Galbanum, Angelica, Immortelle, Leather, Styrax

Perfumer: Isabelle Doyen


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