Nicolai Eau Fraiche Collection 3 x 15ML

This box is comprised of 3 x 15ML fragrances from the Eau Fraiche Collection.

Eau d’Été
: A bursting feeling of total freshness thanks to the sparkling association of lime and cinnamon. A few jasmine petals float in the air…

Eau de Yuzu: A marvellous stroll in sophisticated Japanese gardens. A woody chord with a background of patchouli, guaiac and vetiver shapes the composition and retains the volatility of citrus and watery notes for a fresh and strong trail.

L’eau miXte: Top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon underlined with mint, grapefruit and fresh and fresh and acrid blackcurrants. Petals whirl in the air, powered by juniper and nutmeg before fainting into a hint of elegant vetiver.


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