Le Jardin Retrouvé

Mousse Arashiyama

Mousse Arashiyama, a gender-neutral Eau de Parfum created by Maxence Moutte in 2021, beckons to a realm of contemplation, serenity, and spirituality. In this creation, Maxence Moutte invites us into his poetic interpretation of the mossy undergrowth within a Japanese bamboo grove, crafting a symphony of green notes from lentisk, succulent figs, and glistening dewdrops. As if escaping from a temple, wisps of incense and sacred woods intertwine, harmonized by the invigorating essence of bergamote. As you wander through this enchanted forest, every step feels like a sacred ritual, guided by an ancient instinct and profound intuition. Along the winding path, your eyes meet a majestic tree, its name forgotten but its presence deeply familiar. Your soul, unburdened by gravity, subtly ascends to savor the fragrances of oak moss, patchouli, lentiscus, and frankincense, as if communing with the very spirit of the place.

Top Notes: Bergamote , Encens, Lentisque
Middle Notes: Notes Aquatique, Accord Figue
Base Notes: Mousse De Chêne, Vétiver , Cèdre

Perfumer: Maxence Moutte



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