Fougere L'Aube


Barbershop | Clean | Refined

A classic, fresh ‘aftershave’ inspired Fougère. 30s class meets 80s power.

"Fougère L'Aube as a classic 1930s fragrance which yielded a cozy, classic scent. It was reminiscent of the men's colognes and aftershaves I smelled as a child; very nostalgic, very familiar.

I then took this base formula and accentuated it with a few modern aroma chems and the fragrance was completely transformed into a super-fresh late 1980s style Fougère.”

Fougère L’Aube has that cool, splash-on freshness of a great aftershave. Like many of the best fougères, it’s so well blended that no particular notes stand out. The oakmoss is present throughout, giving a green radiance and mingling and taming the bitterness of galbanum.

A fragrance that is complex yet uncomplicated. This is what nostalgia smells like. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Galbanum, Lavender  
Heart NotesGeranium, Moroccan Rose, Sandalwood, Costus
Base NotesMusk, Hay, Amber, Oakmoss

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


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