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Surreal | Ashy | Ethereal

A hazy, phantom whisper of white oud and saffron.

Fantosmia was created when Euan McCall kept noticing a ‘ghost’ scent that he couldn’t attribute to anything. After the smell had vanished, he set out to recreate the scent from remnants still in his memory.

The final creation is a surreal blend that ebbs and flows through the air, unravelling some of its individual notes, but always full of mystery. Whilst it contains bold materials like white oud, castoreum and saffron, Fantosmia is completely ethereal and diffusive.

Breaking down the notes defeats the purpose of this fragrance somewhat, but it’s predominantly a leathery, vibrant saffron paired with ashy white oud. Castoreum amplifies the leathery facets, yet it’s still airy and not dense. A whisper of black pepper adds a spicy prickle to Fantosmia, whilst a transparent silhouette of herbal notes have a minor presence.

Although it’s very artistic and unique, this is still a very easy fragrance to wear - it never feels challenging or extreme. This scent behaves noticeably different on fabric compared with skin. If you feel like more smoke, density and definition, wear it on skin, but we feel that on fabric, the performance better fits with the artistic intention.

Striking Top: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Fennel, Sisho Leaf
Transparent Leathery Heart: Saffron, Nutmeg, Castoreum
Ashy Base: White Oud, Tobacco

Pairs with: Phloem & Trimerous


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