Derviche II


Fruity | Amber | Alluring

Derviche II reimagines the proportions of the original Derviche, flooding the work in an effervescent citrusy herbal light. The signature cherry note of the prior Derviche is rolled in vanilla and white musk – firmly alloyed to a strong woody amber base that forms a never-ending echo.

The total result is a persistent fragrance with a generous and far-reaching sillage. A technicolour medley of jewel-toned fruits float on a cloud of spiced florals, with a gentle rupture of tobacco smoke. A rising and controlled sweetness with a tantalising hook, all notes move towards a steady and unified centre. Derviche II is versatile, dynamic, and intoxicating.

Top Notes: Citrus, Mediterranean Herbs
Heart Notes: Incense Woods, Sugared Fruits
Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


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