Les Indemodables

Chypre Azural


Bright | Orange | Patchouli Chypre

Chypre Azural is a brilliant blood orange fragrance that is intense, radiant, and highly faceted. For counterpoint, Chypre Azural employs the anisic and smooth herbal freshness of tarragon, and a hint of rose for distinctive floral freshness.

A realistic and complete picture, the citrus here is three dimensional and lucent. Ever so slightly pithy and bitter, juicy, watery too, this descends into a faint chypre base of herbal patchouli warmed with ambergris. This ambery and earthy character grows more and more as the scent develops, which is impressive for a citrus fragrance – with the added bonus of longevity.

Sicilian Tarocco Orange oil 10%,
Indonesian (Aceh Province) Patchouli oil Grand Cru 5%,
Amber infusion 2%,
Egyptian Centrifolia Rose absolute Grand Cru 1%
Contains Tarragon oil from the Alps

Maturation: 3 weeks
Maceration: 1 week

Top Notes: Orange, Tarragon
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Ambergris, Patchouli

Perfumer: Florence Fouillet Dubois


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