Who can become an Rewards Program member? 

To become a member, you need to create an account on LKNU's site, and click the Rewards link. If you are under the age of 18, you need the consent of your parent or guardian to join.

Does it cost anything to become a Rewards Program member?
Joining is free and there are no fees to continue as a member.

What are the benefits of becoming a Rewards Program member?
You can earn points with every purchase which can be redeemed as discounts on future purchases. 

How many points do I earn?
For each $1 spent at LKNU Parfumerie, you will receive one Rewards Program point. This is a net figure and does not include taxes, discounts or shipping charges.

When you have collected 100 points, this is redeemable for a $1 discount on a purchase. You must be logged into your account in order to receive points. You can do this in-store by letting our staff know your name and email at the time of purchase. We are not able to retrospectively add points, so please ensure that you are logged in, or have provided your details to staff at our store. 

Our Rewards Program program commenced on 2nd February, 2023. No purchases made prior to this will accrue points.

B2B clients are not permitted to be member of the Rewards Program program - rewards are for retail customers only. 

How do I redeem my points?
You must be logged into your account in order to redeem points. You can do this in-store if you provide your Photo ID, and show us your points balance on your phone. In-store redemption will require a signature at the time of purchase.

Multiple increments of 100 points can be redeemed at one time, i.e a redemption of 900 points will provide a $9 discount. For security reasons, only $10 can be redeemed in-store per sale as above. For higher points redemption, please use Click & Collect. 

Will my points expire and how do I check my points balance?
Customer points will begin to expire 1 year from the commencement of the Rewards Program program, being February 2, 2023. After this date, all unredeemed points will expire on a rolling basis for customers who have not engaged in points activity for 1 year or more. 

LKNU Parfumerie may also choose to end the program at any time at our discretion. If the Rewards Program ceases, then any points accrued will immediately considered to be expired. LKNU also reserves the right to cancel any individual's Rewards Program account at any time, and no compensation will be provided in this instance. 

You can check your balance, tier and rewards by logging in to your account at LKNU and clicking the Rewards tab on the banner.

What happens if I receive or purchase a gift card?
No points are accrued for purchasing a gift card. Points are received on the redemption of a gift card, in accordance with the standard rate of accrual. The points will be accrued to the Rewards Program account logged in when redeeming the card, and not to the account that made the initial gift card purchase.

Can I refer a friend to the Rewards Program?
Yes, use the Refer a Friend tab on the Rewards Program window, and both you and your friend will receive a $10 coupon when your friend makes their first purchase of at least $100. You can share your unique referral link directly with your friend, or even share to Facebook

When will Rewards Program points be credited to my account?
Points are generally credited to your account within a few minutes of earning. Please allow up to 48 hours before contacting us if you haven't received points.

When will Rewards Program points be deducted from my account?
Points are deducted as soon as you click the link to redeem regardless of whether you proceed with the purchase. If the cart is abandoned, the points are still deducted and you can save the discount code for later on. If you forget the code, please ask us so we can refund the points or retrieve your code.

Who provides the platform for the Rewards Program?
Our Rewards Program is hosted on a third-party platform. LKNU Parfumerie is not responsible for any loss of points due to errors or issues with this platform.