Oriza L. Legrand



Luscious | Geranium | Rose

Les Tourterelles de Zelmis – The Doves of Zelmis. A sanguine red rose, Zelmis expresses the impressive beauty of the red floral, constructed in order to showcase its most brilliant facets. Rose is stretched, intensified, and furthered across the gamut of its virtues: spicy, warm, dewy, green, earthy, animalic, honied.

Thorns are in hiding: a surprising whip of black pepper and saffron sizzles and cooling geranium innervates. Peony adds tenderness, while ivy adds a sense of wilderness. Beeswax is an important note here, adding a sweetly scented and discrete touch of animal. In sum: a scent of great impact.

“Nature had abandoned its wintry scene // Birds were chirping on boughs of green // Turning their thoughts to loving ways // While perfumes heralded finer days...”

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Ivy
Heart Notes: Geranium, Peony, May Rose
Base Notes: Turkish Rose, Beeswax


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