Omnia Profumi

White Diamante


White Diamante, contrary to what is thought, was born before Diamante, one cannot be traced back to the other, as for Ambra and White Ambra and Madera and White Madera. This fragrance was created with the intention of including a flowery, but at the same time persistent and sensual, fragrance in the Omnia Collection.

White Diamante is a very bold fragrance, a sweet/bitter fragrance that both women and men like. A fragrance that envelops the floral notes of iris, descends on the aromatic notes of coffee, vanilla and chocolate, to end with the elegance and roundness of vanillas, musks, woods and amber, thus perceiving the richness of its essences on the skin.

A rich and unusual succession of precious notes, which make this eau de parfum a perfect fragrance for every occasion and every season. That perfume that keeps you company for years without ever boring you!

Top Notes: Flowery Bouquet, Nutmeg, Citrus Notes
Heart Notes: Coffee, Chocolate, Rose, Incense
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Vanilla Berries, Cedar Wood

Perfumer: Fabrizio Tagliacarne


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