Chasing Scents

Weeping Rose


Weeping Rose is an uplifting fragrance; imagine a cloud of sweet rose harmony and a poetic sunset. Originally created to comfort a friend experiencing heartbreak. A multidimensional unique, tender mood setter. 

Mood: warm cuddles, peaceful walks during sunset, Sunday picnic, welcoming a new chapter
Accords: rosy, fruity, floral, tea, amber
Concentration: up to 28% concentrate

    Featuring tea extracts distilled in-house from whole flower buds. The process requiring delicate control of extraction conditions and cycles in a Soxhlet apparatus to collect an aromatic absolute - rarely found in mainstream perfume.

    Top Notes: Rosebud Tea, Red Apple, Juniper
    Heart Notes: Fig Leaf, Orris
    Base Notes: Maple, Amber, Vanilla


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