Oriza L. Legrand

Villa Lympia


Salty | Riviera | Mimosa

As fresh as a summertime breeze, like air travelling along crystal blue waters, picking up its unmistakable scent. The scent of seafoam and salt, of moistened wood and burning sand.

A mellow fragrance, tinged with the waxy warmth of mimosa flower and the tempered strength of immortelle – the essence of brazen sunlight. This is held in contrast with a medley of salty oceanic notes, including bullrush, which lends a herbal-green and aqueous quality. Pine grounds the fragrance – adding a woodiness that melds with these notes perfectly.

Villa Lympia (a resort in Nice, France) offers an impression of summertime glamour on the Riviera, a saline caress, and of breezy summertime laziness. A refreshing dip in the water.

Top Notes: Maritime Pine, Mimosa
Heart Notes: Oceanic Notes, Bullrush, Sea Salt
Base Notes: Immortelle, Seaweed


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