Oriza L. Legrand

Vetiver Royal Bourbon


Nuanced | Rounded | Vetiver

The facets of the earth expressed through vetiver. A timeless expression of the namesake note’s sophistication and measured power: fresh minted green becomes clean woody smoke.

Reminiscent of classical cologne / aftershave expressions of the note, Vétiver Royal Bourbon presents brilliance in a refreshing spark of woody green with a faint trace of leather.

An image of the steamy scent – refined, smoky, aromatic – rising from the jungle of French-owned Réunion island (the Bourbon Isles) after the first monsoon rains, fresh from the distillery. ‘Bourbon Vetiver’ is often regarded as the finest expression of the note in the world.

Top Notes: Peppermint, Thyme, Vetiver
Heart Notes: Labdanum, Iris, Vetiver, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Cade, Leather, Styrax, Immortelle, Tobacco, Oakmoss


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