Le Jardin Retrouvé

Verveine d'Été

Verveine d’Eté is an Eau de Parfum designed for both summer and winter, offering a delicate and fresh scent that evokes memories of aromatic plants on a crisp morning in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg. Inspired by a day in this Russian garden after a refreshing rainstorm, the fragrance combines notes of basil, lemon, bergamot, verbena, and a hint of oak moss. It's a mixed scent that sparkles with energy and brings a sense of joy and comfort, making it a perfect companion for any season.

Top Notes: Lemon, Verbena, Petit Grain
Middle Notes: Verbena, Lavendar, Basil
Base Notes: Vetiver, Oakmoss

Perfumer: Yuri Gutsatz



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