Histoires de Parfums

Vert Pivoine



Spontaneous joy, a scent of new beginnings and pleasures to be anticipated.

Gerald Ghislain, the driving force behind the French brand Histoires des Parfums with its sophisticated, eclectic portfolio of scents, envisioned the moment before peony’s colour turns from green to pinkish-red. The moment we foresee the beauty that is to come, rather than beauty fully displayed. Prompting us to discover for ourselves, to anticipate fruition, he creates hope and optimism.

Vert Pivoine is introduced by a verdant canopy of ivy leaves, softly green and balancing the sweetness of sprinkled rose water. Wild berries can be felt at a distance, hiding in the bushes, bringing on their tart freshness. Vert Pivoine is a blossoming garden which erupts vividly right before your eyes and invokes the joys of spring and summer any time of the year.

Top notes: Peony, Ivy Leaves, Rose Water
Heart notes: Peony, Rose, Mimosa, Gardenia, Rose Berry
Base notes: Peony, Cedar, Sandal, Musk

Main notes: Rose Water, Peony, Cedar



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