Bienaime 1935



Powdery | Musk | Makeup


Like the vermillion of blushing cheeks, Vermeil is the beating pulse of a heart aflutter, brought out and intensified with the red cinnabar-pigmented stain of lipstick. Both the red of passion and that of makeup, Vermeil is a brilliant and oft-repeated image of boudoirs filled with scented rice powders and balms, of enchantment and promise.

To achieve this effect, the memorable melt of carrot seed adds a muskiness that works in tandem with iris and violet. A quintessential trifecta which constitutes a ‘makeup’ accord, this is enlivened with crisp and soaring aldehydes that are almost glacial, sweetened with a fruity raspberry inflected rose, and then warmed with sandalwood, heliotrope, and balsamic notes.

What belies a simple theme is complex technical perfumery, creating a gorgeous work that ultimately represents the eternal feminine both real and ideal.

Top Notes: Carrot Seed, Aldehydes
Heart Notes: Iris, Violet, Rose, Raspberry
Base Notes: White Musk, Tolu Balsam, Sandalwood, Heliotrope

Perfumer: Patrice Revillard


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