Les Indemodables

Vanille Havane



Vanilla | Dark | Rich

Vanille Havane is a study of vanilla, journeying through its many facets and building up from this feature. This can only begin with the best Grand Cru vanilla, overdosed to an impressive 9.1%. Through this manoeuvre, new facets – often hidden - are discovered.

Booziness captures the basis but not the totality of Vanille Havane, furnished with the warm caramelised sweetness of rum, the sophisticated saccharine glow of dried fruits, the dustiness of cocoa, soft trails of cigar smoke, and a touch of jasmine for counterpoint. On a hefty ambery base, Vanille Havane is an event on skin – an impressive vanilla-centric amber that hits all the right notes. Its development is apparent, and its many stages are clear.

Unique in house extracts used:
Vanilla ‘mauvais’ Comoros infusion Grand Cru : 9.1 % :
Cocoa Colombia ultrasound extract Grand Cru: 3.1 %
Jasmine Egypt concrete ‘distillat’ Grand Cru: 0.2%

Maturation: 2 weeks
Maceration: 1 week

Top Notes: Rum, Dried Fruits
Heart Notes: Cocoa, Vanilla, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Leather, Amber

Perfumer: Antoine Lie


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