Untitled is a perfume born out of a year long evolutionary process rather than following a brief. What started as an idea to create a carnation perfume, resulted in an expressive scent that also bears witness to its creation. A powerful and dark composition in extrait concentration, it is a combination of a millefleurs and a soliflore. Born out of an unrepeatable process, the perfume is limited to 99 bottles.

The symbolic and minimalist flacon and packaging was co-designed with Francesca Gotti. The flacon contains a single red glass bead from a 99 piece traditional prayer bead.

The numbered and signed cards inside are marked with an imprint of one of the bottle prototypes that was left unused.

Type: Woody floral with spicy, smoky and industrial facets.

Notes: Carnation, Turkish Rose, Aged Indian Oud, Pepper, Rubber, Smoke, Musk, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Immortelle, Vanilla, Soil, Glue.


"I made the first sketch for this composition in November 2018. The inspiration was to make a carnation scent. Making a carnation without using Eugenol could be interesting to try, I thought. The rest, I did not know.

During the last year, I've made seventy sketches, all heavily influenced by my personal life. I took some wildly different directions along the way, some weren't even in any way could be thought as a carnation scent. But there was always a steadily evolving stem. Concepts and ideas wrapped themselves around the seed idea: incarnation, death, doubt, reduction, confinement, yearning, maze, divinity. It took shape in an organic way, me halfway between perfumer and audience. I trusted I would get there, somehow--every self-criticism satisfied or silenced.

20% of this final composition is made up of all the sketches and reference materials. 80% is the final version of the evolving form, simplified and clear. A hybrid of the process and the result, the flower and the millefleurs" - Omer


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