Hilde Soliani

Una Tira L'Altra



Cherry - no more no less - but magically, so much more.

Una Tira L’Altra, 
One Leads to Another, is a profusion: an indulgence in all of its variegated tones and flavours. The red pitted fruit is tipsy, that’s for sure, at once as dark as morello cherries and as vibrant as maraschino - putting the wearer in a giddy and spellbound haze that’s plainly intoxicating. A lusciously syrupy glaze of complex sugar and fruit, like the marvellously concentrated liqueur made from the ripest cherries at their seasonal best, Una Tira is lip-smacking and juicy.

A concentrated essence of scent, Hilde Soliani’s genius is not only in the act of masterfully recreating scents, but idealising them, showcasing them at their very best - in an imaginative form that exceeds nature.

Notes: Cherry, Cherry Liqueur


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