Tuberose & Moss



Classy | Understated | Sophisticated

Tuberose + Moss + Rogue? Yes please.

Manuel Cross loves tuberose. This is his third fragrance to showcase the much adored flower - Flos Mortis was a raspy, indolic Tuberose of Darkness, and Champs Lunaires shows its creamy richness. Tuberose & Moss brings the flower into a classic floral chypre context, and is about balance rather than extremes.

With its fruity, creamy, voluptuous notes, tuberose carries the top, heart and base of the fragrance. The warmth of cedar, vanilla,  allspice and labdanum enrich the flower, whilst a chypre base of natural oakmoss gives structure and harmonises with the tuberose’s green facets.

This versatile flower has been yet again captured by Rogue. About as elegant as tuberose gets!

Warm, Spicy Top: Allspice   
Tuberose Heart: Tuberose, Labdanum, Cedar
Deep, Mossy Base: Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


Please note: Rogue Perfumery may actually contain musk ketone, real oakmoss, and vintage-era amounts of citral, geraniol and eugenol. Please refer to the ingredients list as 'potential allergens' will be listed. If you are part of the small percentage of the population that experiences perfume allergies than it is advisable to fragrance a handkerchief or other article of clothing rather than apply directly to the skin. The informed decision is yours and back in your hands! Enjoy responsibly!

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