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TNT is a fresh Tuberose flower headspace soliflore, with a bit of musk and ambergris to make it last.

TNT, Tama N Tuberose, celebrates the life of Ms Tama Blough. 

You can find a few of Tama’s comments and reviews of Paul's perfumes sprinkled throughout the PK Perfumes website. 

"Tuberose flowers have been my very favorite flowers for many years. My romance with them began after I discovered them on a trip to India in 1987.  I found them in the market and brought them back to my room where I stayed, to enjoy them while I stayed in Pune, India.  Again in travels to other places like Indonesia and Nicaragua, I’ve managed to find fresh Tuberose flowers to give a wonderful room filling heady beauty and grace to my lodgings.  I’ve sought to include Tuberose in my scents, as with my Gold Leather and Craissa perfumes.  But the *Fresh* flower odor eluded my knowledge, abilities, and available raw materials.

I sought to find out more, and learn the secrets of how to make  a very fresh tuberose flower scent over the course of several years, and to acquire the right raw materials to match my vision.  This type of fresh flower odor formulation is called a “headspace” composition.  The Headspace of a fresh flower is what you smell exactly when you smell them, instead of what might be from an extraction like from an essential oil or an Absolute, which doesn’t ever match a fresh flower’s odor profile.

This last fall, I was finally able to acquire the last needed raw materials to make trials and a final blend, and I was able to compose the basis of this Tuberose fresh flower soliflore." - Paul Kiler

Notes: Tuberose, Ambergris, Musk

Perfumer: Paul Kiler

Paul recommends:  TNT is a scent that seems to wear *particularly well* on fabric or even paper.  I suggest wearing part of it on skin, and part, maybe 50/50, on your lapel, strap, or other cloth you are wearing.  When I wear it, it seems to evaporate much differently than it does on other substances, and it seems nicer on them than on myself, and lasts longer as well.  This tip may be helpful for some people, and depends upon your body chemistry and diet.


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