Apoteker Tepe

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain is a smoky hearth strewn with incense, an enveloping layer of aged wood and resin melting over a core of dry heat. Mysterious and lasting, The Holy Mountain stays with you and around you, a reminder of warmth and sensuality. It includes over seven precious woods and resins along with a rare extraction of Lapsang Souchong tea smoked slowly over pinewood fires.

"A brother asked Abba Olympios, the priest of the Lavra, for his most protected secrets, and this is what he said:

Do not consort with heretics, keep a fire always burning, and wherever you stay, say repeatedly to yourself throughout the night:

‘I am a stranger.’

I am a stranger.

I am a stranger."
— John Moschos

Top Notes: Incense, Lapsang Souchong
Heart Notes: Fir Balsam, Pine Smoke
Base Notes: Labdanum, Guaiac Wood

Perfumer: Holladay Saltz


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