Tabac Vert



Classic | Barbershop | Timeless

A vintage inspired fragrance for the perfect gentleman. Wood panelled parlours, soft leather chairs and fine cigars.

"In 2012 when I was working on the formula for Chypre-Siam, one of my many experiments had a woody accord that vaguely reminded me of the original Carlo Corinto. Can I somehow rework that Carlo Corinto-like woody accord into something more along the lines of Guerlain Derby? Probably not, but I can perhaps rework it into the bone-dry woody notes in One Man Show and Krizia Uomo and turn out a woody chypre fragrance. And so it began!

The prototypes went through many changes over the course of five years. I eventually decided to make it a tobacco fragrance on a woody, chypre base.”

A very dry tobacco and cedar fragrance in a retro woody chypre style. Tabac Vert is a real throwback to a time when gentlemen were stylish and groomed. Throw on your bowler hat, grab that eagle-head walking stick, and I’ll see you at the Club for a cigar!

If you thought some of Rogue’s other creations smelled ‘vintage’, Tabac Vert makes them all seem like Bleu de Chanel in comparison! A time capsule in a bottle.

Spicy Citrus Top: Black Pepper, Bergamot  
Dry, Woody Heart: Cedar, Sandalwood
Dry Tobacco Base: Tobacco, Amber, Oakmoss  

Perfumer: Manuel Cross


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