Sheer | Woody | Vibrato

With an opening note like that of a violin string, Symphonie Passion is a staccato-like burst of hesperidic and floral light, followed by a richly timbred tremolo of woods and musk. Lemon and peony cut the limits of the atmosphere with their sharp and almost piquant accent, to then rest on a woody base reminiscent of glossy rosin on the surface of a violin. It is an interplay between cold raspy metal and the inner light of veneered wood, soaked with citrus and the elegant touch of florals, producing a virtuosic presence. It is the cold pipes of an organ against keys warmed by the human touch.

The heart of this fragrance is dominated by woody ISO-E Super, a sheer vetiver and cedar like molecule which adds a hollow and weightless base to the fragrance, as if made of prickly glass. It is crisp and drenched in white light, harmonised with a scant touch of cashmeran and sandalwood.

Rhythm and bass operate as one in the fragrance, like a truly structured symphony: a chromatic caress that goes through the olfactory motions.

Top NotesLemon, Peony
Heart NotesCashmeran, Vetiver
Base NotesSandalwood, Moss, Cedar

Perfumer: Filippo Sorcinelli


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