Maria Candida Gentile



A captivating and nurturing scent, with fig and its milk at the very heart. A delectable olfactory performance, it wraps you up in love and pulls you towards the south.

Syconium flows like a fruity balm from your skin to your nose and on to the soul, aroused by maternal memories of a juicy ripe sun-filled fig, in its milk, peel and leaves.

A metaphor for the olfactory intensity of the south, focusing on the most succulent of fruits, conversing with Spanish honey and milk in the top notes and with Java sandalwood in the base notes. Syconium along with Kitrea and Leucò form the Calabroni triptych eau de parfums, each one opening with a different honey note, inviting us to care for our planet’s ecosystem, symbolised by the fragility of bees and insects.

Top Notes: Honey, Milk
Heart Notes: Fig
Base Notes: Sandalwood


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