Hilde Soliani

Sweet Parmesan Violet



The scent of violet is unforgettable, and in this scent, the tender purple-blue petals of the flower exhale their sweet fragrance. Taste and smell and crisscross, as these small flowers turn into candy and become a delight for both senses.

In the balance, Parmesan Violet radiates with impressions ranging from floral, dewy, powdery, creamy, and of course, delightfully sweet. Portrayed in watercolour, a whiff of this fragrance is nostalgic, and represents the Parma Hilde Soliani knows and loves.

At once a refined soliflore and an homage to the namesake candies, this fragrance offers persistent subtlety and operates chiefly in two tones. It expresses the innately etiolated and willowy charm of violet flowers on the one hand with an unmistakable dewy freshness, and on the other, an intense perfume rush in all of its powdery sweetness and radiant sillage.

Notes: Violet, Sugar


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