Stora Skuggan

Stora Skuggan Discovery Set

Stora Skuggan is a Stockholm-based perfume studio that began as a project among five multidisciplinary creatives. Since launching in 2015 they have established themselves as a niche house that reimagines perfume-making.

Presented in sleek glass bottles with oversized orb caps, the packaging is characterized by individual visuals for each fragrance invented through three dimensions. A conceptual idea, a wearable artwork and an aesthetic object that together reflect the diverse backgrounds of the collective’s members.

Seeking to express unique statements inspired by history, mysticism, pop culture and beyond; Stora Skuggan merges curious fascinations with playful wit to create truly distinct olfactory experiences.

We have compiled this Discovery Set of Stora Skuggan fragrances, which includes samples of the following:

Fantome De Maules - 1 ML
Mistpouffer - 1 ML
Moonmilk - 1 ML
Silphium - 1 ML
Thumbsucker - 1 ML
Azalai - 1ML
Hexensalbe - 1ML


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