Etat Libre D'Orange




"The grand emperor has sent me here to inform you that the spice must flow. If you do not show dramatic progress soon... hmm, he is not a patient man."

Rosy, cool, tingling with spice.

7000 miles of commercial trails amidst the deserts of the East, passing through the caravanserai trade posts along the way, paved the Silk Route, the longest trail of commerce of spices and silk for centuries, between the emperor of China and the city-states of Italy. Etat Libre d’Orange dedicated their Spice Must Flow to it, whereas the name references the 1984 cult science fiction film “Dune”.

As the ginger and cardamom unfold, one is greeted with the cooling autumnal winds of incense smoke rising upwards; it brings forth the expectation of precious eastern goods. Then from the depths comes the rose, rosa Damascena, the pride of Isfahan in Iran and of Isparta in Turkey, where the loveliest, lushest roses are cultivated. Close your eyes and see the camels trailing in the distance…

Notes:  Turkish Rose, Ginger, Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Saffron…


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