Maria Candida Gentile

Sideris Candle


The olfactory scent of Sideris unfurls in the mystery of its candle’s flickering flame: a perfume which warms the soul, a bridge between the stars and the profoundness of our hearts.

A candle is much more than a tool to a scented ambience. It’s a medium that enables us to discern the quintessence and greatness of the flow of existence. “In a flame, even time starts to pay heed”, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard explained. In his work ‘’The Flame of a Candle’’.

This flame nudges us to recollection, meditation, to the deepest level of understanding. The Sideris Candle cloaks our living spaces with intimations of incense, saffron, rose, Indian pepper and cistus labdanum.

It has the power to reconnect us to where we were before our existence, to the stars from which we all originated. Created from a blend of precious waxes, the cotton wick ensures the same stupendous olfactory scent as the beloved Eau de Parfum itself.

Top Notes: Incense, Cistus, Corsican Myrtle, Black Pepper, Saffron
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose, Rose Ayrshire Splendens
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Benzoin, Waxed Woods


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