Francesca Bianchi

Sex And The Sea Neroli



Rich | Waxy | Creamy

Waxy neroli, creamy coconut. Sunburnt, salty, sweaty skin at the seaside. A suggestion of intimacy… If you’re expecting a sunny, fresh, light, spritzy, beachy scent, you can probably stop reading now.

A flanker of the original release, Sex and the Sea Neroli has the huge, fatty, rich coconut note of its pillar fragrance, this time offset by a big neroli note, instead of pineapple. This gives an overall more elegant feel in place of the original’s bombastic fun.

As the fragrance slowly dries down, a salty, funky ambergris note emerges - an impression of what’s beyond the white sands. If Sex and The Sea is doing drunken deeds in the dunes, Sex and The Sea Neroli at least has the decency to head back to the hotel room early, burn a candle, and see where things lead.

Waxy Top:

Creamy Heart:
Coconut, Iris, Mimosa

Salty Base:
Ambergris, Civet, Immortelle, Labdanum, Benzoin

Perfumer: Francesca Bianchi


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