Francesca Bianchi

Sex And The Sea



Creamy | Coconut | Rich

Coconut and pineapple. Sunburnt, salty, sweaty skin at the seaside. A suggestion of intimacy… 

If you’re expecting a sunny, fresh, light, spritzy, beachy scent, you can probably stop reading now. Sex and the Sea is a huge, fatty, rich coconut note amped up by ripe pineapple. Tempered by some woody iris and powdery, floral mimosa, the coconut still remains the centerpiece. As the fragrance slowly dries down, a salty, funky ambergris note emerges - an impression of what’s beyond the white sands. This is summer holidays abroad in the seaside bar, a few too many Piña Coladas with strangers, and then perhaps, the natural progression of that combination.

Also available is the Sex and the Sea Sublime Oil, to nourish your skin as well leaving a wonderful scent and silky finish on your skin and hair.

Tropical Top:

Creamy Heart:
Coconut, Iris, Mimosa

Salty Base:
Ambergris, Civet, Immortelle, Labdanum, Benzoin


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