Orto Parisi


Seminalis is an odour which seems responsible for leading males to females. The scent is inspired by a study that found that the male sperm is attracted to the scent of the female egg and travels towards it to engulf itself in this scent.

The scent in question? It is similar to that of Lily of the Valley, and yes, you may call this the fragrance of life. This fragrance explores the scent of sex, our attraction and animal instincts. The idea that we are all a product of the allure of scent.

Those musky pheromone-like scents that are dirty yet impossible to resist. Seminalis is a sexy, smooth woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness. Creamy and musky, this a raw and provocative scent.

Top Notes: Undisclosed
Heart NotesUndisclosed 
Base Notes: Undisclosed

Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri


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