Etat Libre D'Orange




Daring. Bold. Indescribable. Polarising. Revolutionary. A LEGEND.

Marine. Milky. Bloody. Saline. A fragrance that has the industry talking the way Duchaump’s Fountain had the art world up in arms.

There can be no words to describe quite the effect that Sécrétions Magnifiques has on the people testing it. Some love it, some hate it, with a vengeance. The bottom line is it never leaves anyone indifferent.

Inspired by our “magnificent secretions”, the bodily fluids of blood, saliva, milk and semen, it was conceived as a conversation piece and an art work from the beginning. Although the scent itself does not aim to generically please, its infamy precedes it.

Antoine Lie, a daring French perfumer with a mass of unruly curls on his head and lots of innovative ideas, created an adrenaline accord out of sophisticate synthetics which create the impression of rush, of excitement, even of fear at first. Sécrétions Magnifiques feels like a bloodied knife immersed in sea water, which soon pairs with lactones, molecules that recall milk and pulpy fruit, to get us through to a calmer spot. All the way through the evolution of the fragrance on the skin, a fresh citrusy magnolia chord lends an impression between chlorinated pools and busting male excitement - ahem, you get the point. And yet, it’s clean, not musky.

In the books of tomorrow’s perfume lore it shall be written in bold; he or she who has not smelled Sécrétions Magnifiques, has not truly lived.

Notes:  Iodized Accord (Fucus, Azurone) , Adrenalin Accord , Blood Accord , Milk Accord , Orris , Coconut , Sandalwood , Opoponax


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