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Iris | Wine | Celebration

A tribute to Corsica’s sun-gorged wines, the generosity of its terroir and the talent of its winegrowers, SALUTE! is named after the traditional toast of the island. Rather than a literal depiction of wine and grapes, it is the spirit of a friendly gathering in the island’s vineyards that is distilled by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in this festive fragrance.

Fizzy Corsican citrus essences – lemon, grapefruit and mandarin – sparkle in the top notes, like the first, thirst-quenching sip of a cool Mediterranean wine.
Then a vine leaf accord unfolds to reveal the rose and eau de vie facets of a wine-dreg extract – probably the highest dose of the precious material ever used in a fragrance.

Scents of the terroir, of cool cellars lined with oak casks, a veil of iris and powdery musks for the angels’ share, Salute! celebrates the earth, and the fruit of the earth. A mirage… A feast. Enjoy it in good health!

A word from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato…
I love the bond with the earth, with the terroir and its energy, expressed by Corsican vineyards. And I’ve always wanted to explore the connection between wines and fragrances.

While composing Salute!, I was reminded of my grandfather who, like many farmers at the time, produced his own wine. He stocked it in huge demijohns in smoky glass covered with wicker, which he stored in his cellar. Hence the earthy notes of the fragrance. But I wanted them to be airy, to evoke the angels’ share.

I also had to rein in an overdose of wine dreg extract, a material I love though it’s hard to control. I tamed it with sparkling Corsican citrus oils.

Top Notes: Corsican Citrus, Vine Leaf
Middle Notes: Wine Dregs, Orris
Base Notes: Oak, Musks

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato


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