Parfum d'Empire



An impetuous elixir, saturated with animality

Mane, hooves, neighs, gallop, jump… Ruade. A kick from the animal for a perfume that packs a punch. All the fervor of the horse is distilled in this exceptional fragrance, built around a profusion of natural oud, or agarwood.

A perfume-memory of returning to the stables after a weekend of show jumping. A discipline long practiced by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato and one which he conjures here – the adrenalin of competition, the euphoria of going back to the stables...

A perfume-universe, that of the equestrian world, when the horses have been unloaded from the truck and escorted to their stalls. Next out of the van are the tack trunks, from which emanate a mixture of strong animalic smells: leather from the harness and gaiters, saliva from the bits, perspiration from the saddle pads, pine tar for smearing on hooves, remnants of straw and hay on the blankets...

To capture the scent of opening the tack trunks, Marc-Antoine chose the most wayward material in perfumery: oud essence. Distilled since the year 1000, the fragrant resin is the result of an infection of the Aquilaria tree, after a very slow process evolving over several decades. This sumptuous liquid gold, used here in overdose, displays all its panache.
Narcissus, wild and floral, exalts the indolent character of Ruade, with its mane note and straw-like effects. Cut hay absolute lends its power to the evocation of haystacks, whose trail permeates the air and sends horses into a frenzy.

An intrepid perfume with precious materials in overdose, saturated with animality and as rebellious as the equine kick.

Top Notes: Hay
Heart Notes: Narcissus
Base Notes: Oud

Perfumer: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato


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