Maria Candida Gentile

Rrose Selavy


An experimental and innovative perfume, where the rose is one and all, apart and together, an infinite game of references and metamorphosis, where the rose is always the star performer.

Rrose Sélavy is a magically inspired game that Maria Candida dedicates to conceptual art and to its inspirational founder Marcel Duchamp, a Dadaist and surrealist, to whose name the perfume is dedicated. Fragrance is a conceptual rose, as sublime as an iridescent protagonist, here a petal, now a stalk, a methodical rose gets into the form it feels, in Dada style, without any help from anyone, not even the wearer. Rrose Sélavy – an icon in the Maria Candida Gentile Collection, a conceptual work as abstract as an idea and as symbolic as rose essence.

Top Notes: Turkish Rose, May Rose, Michelle Rose
Heart Notes: Rose Petals, Rose Accord
Base Notes: Rose Stems, Rose Leaves


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