April Aromatics



Beautiful | Rose | Geranium

If you are a rose lover, this one is for you. Rosenlust is a marriage of several different roses of the world, from Bulgaria, Turkey, India and England. The different facets of these oils, create this fine feminine blend The aromas delicately summon those charms while acting as an aphrodisiac on the sensual centres of the brain.

The rose is a symbol of love, peace and beauty and is seen as the “queen” of all flowers. It not only pleases us with its wonderful appearance, yet it helps us to open our heart and to feel unconditional love. (Rosa centifolia Bulgaria, Rosa Otto Turkey, English Rose).

Top Notes: Grapefruit
Heart Notes: Rose, Iris, Rosewood
Base Notes: Ambrette, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Tanja Bochnig


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